Call for Papers: Citizenship and Participation – New Avenues for Democracy?

universiteit-utrecht1In a series of seminars, Utrecht University’s interdisciplinary research group ‘Institutions: Understanding the Dynamics of Open Societies’ aims to critically address the new functions, roles and challenges for citizens in the 21st century. The seminars are organized in cooperation with and under the aegis of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) in Amsterdam, as part of a project on ‘Citizenship 3.0’. Each seminar is designed as a multidisciplinary event and will focus on a different dimension of Citizenship 3.0, viz. Cooperation, Participation, and Governance.

This is a call for papers for the second seminar on Friday 16th May 2014 in Amsterdam, entitled ‘Citizenship and Participation – New Avenues for Democracy?’. In this seminar fundamental implications of the change from a representative democracy towards new forms of democracy with entirely different contours and dynamics will be explored.

Call for Papers Seminar Series Citizenship 3 0- II_Participation