Conference and Ph.D. Workshop: The Rule of Law in the Technological Age

UVAACELG Annual Conference
November 4, 2016
University of Amsterdam
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Law is often considered either as an obstacle to innovations or as unable to protect society from their risks. While law’s inability to keep up with technological progress has been extensively discussed, the implications of technology for law remains under-examined. ACELG’s Sixth Annual Conference (under preparation) will explore the ways in which technology transforms the very nature of law as an institution including its key concepts of the rule of law, legal certainty and rights protection. In particular, it will engage with challenges and transformations triggered by technological progress in relation to the rule of law in the EU. In what way do new technologies change the nature of legal protection in the EU? How does the scientific complexity of technology regulation and the increasing reliance on both non-legal expertise and non-state actors affect the nature of law-making and enforcement including the task of judicial control and rights protection?

The conference will be preceded by a Ph.D. workshop on November 3. Read the call for proposals. [wp-svg-icons icon=”file-pdf” wrap=”i”]