Conference: Legitimate Delegation of Regulatory and Enforcement Powers to EU Agencies

universiteit-utrecht1On May 16th, 2014, RENFORCE (Centre for Regulation and Enforcement in Europe, Utrecht University) will organize a conference entitled ‘Legitimate Delegation of Regulatory and Enforcement Powers to EU Agencies. At this conference, the question of democratic legitimacy of the ongoing agencification in the EU will be addressed in light of the recent CJEU judgement (Case C-270/12, ESMA shortselling).

The speakers of the conference include Prof. Dr. Edoardo Chiti (University of La Tuscia), Prof. Dr. Griller (University of Salzburg), Mr. Felix Flinterman (ESMA), Mr. Bart Kiewiet (CPVO Former President), Prof. Dr. Niamh Moloney (LSE/ESMA), Ms. Marloes van Rijsbergen (UU), Ms. Miroslava Scholten (UU), Mr. Michael Smethers (Chairman of the EASA’s MB) and AG Niilo Jääskinen who has recently delivered his opinion to the Court of Justice of the European Union in the ‘ESMA shortselling’ case.

The conference will be opened by Prof. Dr. Mark Bovens (UU). The panels will be chaired by Prof. Dr. Linda Senden (UU), Dr. Ton van den Brink (UU), and Prof. Dr. Paul Craig (Oxford University).

For more information and registration, visit the Utrecht University website.