Symposium 70 Years Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands – 8 mei 2024 (Utrecht)

De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Rechtsvergelijking organiseert / The Netherlands Comparative Law Association organizes:

Wednesday May 8th 2024 13.00* – 17.30, Utrecht

Seven decades after its establishment, the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands remains the bedrock of the constitutional relationship between the European and the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom. While it provides a shared legal framework promoting prosperity, social justice, and peace, the Charter’s anniversary compels us to acknowledge its colonial roots and appreciate the distinct cultural, geographical, and socioeconomic realities of each territory. Comparative law offers a powerful lens through which to examine the ongoing legal issues surrounding transformative justice, fundamental rights, and the delicate balance between unity and diversity within the Kingdom, impacting both public and private spheres.


·         mr. Ady Thijsen

Minister Plenipotentiary of Aruba

Introductory remarks

·         mr. Milly Schwengle

Former member of the Advisory Division of the Council of State of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Topic: The Kingdom as a community of values: a basis for connection?

·         mr. Charlotte Duijf MSc.     

Sector head Council of State of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, contributing in a personal capacity

The Charter and the right to self-determination in the post-colonial context

·         prof. dr. Gerhard Hoogers

Director of the Cabinet Governor of Sint Maarten / University of Groningen & University of Oldenburg

Three times the charm? The Union Française, the Dutch-Indonesian Union and the Charter for the Kingdom of the Netherlands as quasi-federal solutions for decolonization

·         dr. Jose María Lorenzo Villaverde

Assistant Professor, University of Southern Denmark / Affiliate Associate Professor, University of the Faroe Islands

Autonomous Islands and Interregional Framework: The Case of Denmark (with Insights from Spain and Portugal)

·         Panelists: dr. Peter van den Berg (Associate professor, University of Groningen / Guest lecturer, University of Aruba); dr. Chequita Ramautar (Assistant professor Open University Heerlen / Associate professor Anton de Kom University)

Day & Time:      May 8th 2024 13:00-17.15 *start symposium 13.30 precisely; reception: 17.15-18.15.

Location:           Achter Sint Pieter 200, Utrecht

Registration:     Via

Information:      Marieke Oderkerk via

Costs:                Free of charge for members NVVR and students; others: 20 euro