Workshop: EU Fundamental Rights Protection After Opinion 2/13

Maastricht-UniversityWorkshop at Maastricht University on the European Union’s accession to the ECHR, Friday 26 June 2015, 9:15-18:00 hrs.

On 18 December 2014, the Court of Justice of the EU ruled that the EU cannot accede to the ECHR under the terms of the negotiated Draft Accession Agreement. Opinion 2/13 triggers very important questions concerning the overall landscape of fundamental rights protection in Europe. Can the Court’s objections against the Draft Accession Agreement be overcome? Can the Agreement be re-negotiated to meet the Court’s objections? What are the legal issues such negotiations will have to solve? Can and should the EU Treaties be amended? Is non-accession an option? And what does the Opinion imply for the relationships between European and national courts?

This workshop will focus on the consequences of Opinion 2/13 for broader issues of fundamental rights protection in Europe, and will examine future perspectives for accession of the EU to the ECHR. The aim of this workshop is to bring together leading scholars in the field as well as judges from both European Courts and national courts, to ensure constructive dialogue and interesting discussion.

For the programme and registration, please visit Maastricht University’s website.